Gallery #3

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
March 25 - 26, 2006

On to Fish Creek for more exploring

Split Mountain - created by an earthquake fault, dividing the mountain and allowing Fish Creek to run through.  The creek drains the Carrizo Badlands into the Salton Sea.  Located south of Ocotillo Wells, see map

Anticline - formed during an upheaval when rocks were still molten
People come from around the world to see this great expample
Located in Fish Creek / Split Mountain

You guessed it -- we are stopping to eat again

Mike is checking out the Anticline up close
while the gourmet foodies gorge on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Our new emergency backup system is a 80cc scooter on the back of our 4x4 Xterra for when Jan and I off-road alone.
The bike carrier was raised 7" and the helper springs installed on the rear of the Xterra to prevent the carrier from bottoming out. A Cam-loc in the reciever hitch averts any bike bounce. Works good.

Next we are off to Wind Caves (at Fish Creek)

Wind Caves - A little father up the creek are these fascinating formations

Located south of Split Mountains, see map

Mike and others took the short hike up the mountain to Wind Caves

Jackie & Mike absored by the great views from up here
Camping is permitted here

Roslynne & Dave dazzled by the creations

Wind Caves continues on page 4